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Dress Code Handout



It is the intent of McKenzie High School to provide a learning environment in which student dress is not a distraction. In keeping with the philosophy of the parents and the community, we encourage neat, clean, and appropriate dress at school.

As such, students dress will be subject to the following guidelines:

1. All students will wear a shirt that has a minimum of a crew neck/t-shirt neckline. Any shirt not having a crew neckline may be worn with a t-shirt underneath.

2. Shirts, sweatshirts, & sweaters must be the same length all the way around and must extend to the top of the pocket area on the pants, but not below the pocket area on the pants.

3. Students may not wear clothes with holes or faux holes.

4. Students will wear shorts, skirts, or dresses at least knee length. (Cheerleading skirts are excluded)

5. Students will not wear sagging pants. All pants will be worn at the natural waist and all shirts will be the proper fit. A belt will be worn if needed. If a belt is worn it will be buckled.

6. Students will not be allowed to wear clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, controlled substances, violence, sex, suicide, satanic worship, cults, skulls and crossbones, or a glorification of death.

7. Form fitting garments will not be worn as outer garments. This includes all compression wear, tights, and leggings.

8. Students will wear clothing with sleeves over the shoulders.

9. Students will not wear clothing that is see-through, backless, or shows the midriff.

10. Haircuts, hairstyles, or hair color that is non-traditional to the point of causing a distraction is not allowed.

11. Caps, bandanas, chains, dark glasses, picks, and combs will not be allowed.

12. Visible body piercings will be limited to the ears only.

13. MHS administration reserves the right to require students to change clothing that violates the intention of the dress code or is deemed a distraction to others.




Consequences of violations of the Dress Code:

1. All students violating the dress code will be required to change. In the event that they have no proper clothes to change into at school, they will call a parent or guardian for a change of clothing.

2. Students waiting on clothing to be brought to school will sit in the administrative wing. Being out of class over 30 minutes will constitute an absence in the class missed and less than 30 minutes a tardy.

3. All dress code violations will be written up and recorded as a disciplinary infraction by the assistant principal.

1st offense: write-up by administration/letter to parents

2nd Offense: one-hour after-school detention

3rd Offense: two one-hour after-school detentions

4th Offense: ISS for three days for the fourth.

4. Following the first violation, students will be required to return a signed statement attesting to parental notification of violation of the dress code. After the second violation parents will need to meet with the administration.