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2021-22 Attendance Policy
Posted On:
Friday, June 04, 2021

McKenzie High School 2021-2022 Attendance/Time for Time/Tardiness




            School will not be in session on those days the Superintendent of the Carroll County Board of Education deems hazardous to the safe operation of buses. Area radio stations will announce school closing by 7:00 A.M. If possible, they will also announce re-opening by 5:00 P.M. the day before re-opening.


            By law, students must remain in school until the day they become eighteen (18) years of age. Regular attendance is an essential ingredient for a student to achieve success in school; therefore, the following policies will be in effect at McKenzie High School:


§  Students will be required to make up work assigned during the absence for all classes missed within three (3) days after returning to school. After missing a class that meets daily six (6) days within a term, students will be required to make up any time missed during Time for Time. After missing a class that doesn’t meet daily three (3) days within a term, students will be required to make up any time missed during Time for Time.



§  Work or exams assigned prior to the absence is due upon return to school. Students may appeal for extra time in cases that require the student to be hospitalized.


§  Out-of-school suspensions are counted as part of the student’s six (6) maximum absences for the term; in-school suspensions will not be counted as absences.


§  After five (5) days of absences per term, parents will be notified by mail or by telephone by the high school office according to state law regarding truancy (TCA 49-63007).


1.      Tier 1-schoolwide education and specification of Truancy Policy

2.      5 days unexcused - First contact from the Principal or designee. Begin the progressive truancy intervention requirements as described in state statute 49-6-3009 listed below:

o   Tier I –School will post and educate students/families on specifics of Truancy Policy

o   Tier II – 5+ total unexcused absences require a school designee to make a determination of reasons for absences and/or referral for student to receive counseling services. Parent conference/contact required.

o   Tier III –shall be implemented if Tier II is unsuccessful.

§  School based community Service

§  Referral to school-based teen court


*If this progressive truancy plan is unsuccessful in changing attendance behavior, juvenile court officials will be notified.



§  Students who are in violation of the attendance guidelines will not receive credit in the affected classes.   Questions concerning absences may be appealed to the principal. Students transferring into McKenzie High School will be subject to this attendance policy on a proportional basis for the remainder of the school year.


§  Students who represent McKenzie High School in after-school activities must attend at least two (2) class periods in school in order to practice or participate in that activity. These activities will include, but are not limited to, cheerleading, athletics, band, and the Marketing Education Co-op program.


§  To serve as a positive incentive for perfect attendance, students who have missed no more than one (1) day per term will be exempted from the final exam. The exam privilege is lost if the student has missed more than the required number of days, if the student has been assigned in-school suspension for more than three (3) days, if the student has been placed on homebound instruction, if the student has been assigned alternative school placement, or if the student is failing the subject for the term. It is the student’s option to take an exam rather than to be exempt, if it appears to be in his/her advantage to take the exam.

§  SENIORS may miss a day of school, if absolutely necessary to take care of college/a vocational entrance exam, scholarship competitions, interviews, etc., as long as the student does not owe TFT or is not failing a class. However, seniors must have prior approval from the high school and the school to be visited to go on a College Day visit and must provide documentation of the visit. Students will NOT be excused for a College Day if he/she owes obligations in Time for Time. No College Day will be taken after April 15 or during End of Course exams, Mid-Terms, or Final Exams

§  SCHOOL RELATED ABSENCES: Students who miss school to participate in a school-sponsored and/or related activity will not be counted absent. School-sponsored and/or related activities are defined as activities that are part of an athletic team, band, club or class that is sponsored by McKenzie High School.

§  NON-SCHOOL-SPONSORED EXTRACURRICULAR ABSENCES: Students who participate in non-school-sponsored extracurricular activities may receive an excused absence (maximum of 10 per school year) if the student provides proper documentation of the days to be missed and the student’s parents submits a written request at least 7 days prior to the absence. The absences will count towards the test exemption policy and the time for time policy.

§  RESTICTED DAYS: The Principal may designate a day as a Restricted Day. Students must have a doctor’s excuse to have an excused absence on a Restricted Day. The Principal will notify the students in advance through the morning announcements.





1.                  If you must be absent on a given day, your parents should call the office to inform personnel of the need to be absent that day.

2.                  If you have been absent, report to the Secretary before 1st Block on the day you return to school.

3.                  If you are absent part of the school day, you must sign in with the Secretary immediately upon your arrival.

4.                  If a student must leave campus for any reason, he/she must request permission from the principal or assistant principal, and must sign out in the office. If a parent does not come

to school to sign out a student and sends a note, a phone number must be provided so that the note can be verified before the student leaves the campus.

5.                  Failure to sign out will result in disciplinary action.

6.                  Parents will be notified by the school after three (3) days, six (6) days, and ten (10 days of absences. This will be done by mail or through telephone conversations.

7.                  Students who skip school or leave campus without permission will be subject to disciplinary action, including In-School Suspension or Alternative School placement.

8.                  Absences in excess of three (3) days are unexcused unless the student submits a doctor’s diagnosis. After five (5) unexcused absences, students are subject to truant petitions filed with the Carroll County Juvenile Court System.






            McKenzie High School students will be required to meet both grade and attendance requirements to receive course credit. The Time for Time program is designed to address the problems of absenteeism, tardiness, and the high drop-out rate. In order to enforce any effective absentee policy, it is imperative that grades and credit be considered separately.   Regardless of a student’s grade in a course, he or she is required to be present a minimum number of classes in order to earn a credit.


            IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO ARRANGE FOR MAKE-UP WORK AND TO SCHEDULE TIME FOR TIME WITH THE APPROPRIATE PERSON. Credit will not be earned unless work is completed within the set time. A grade of 0 will be assigned for work not made up. Students must receive documentation verifying that time has been made up. In addition, the student must bring work and materials to Time for Time and behave in an appropriate manner in order to be allowed to earn credit for the time missed.





            Students who accumulate more than six (6) absences (excused or unexcused) in a term at McKenzie High School will not receive credit for that course unless time is made up in the Time for Time program. After a student has three (3) absences, all future absences will be considered unexcused unless the school is provided a doctor’s statement stating student was too sick/contagious to attend school. When a student accumulates more than six (6) absences in any class, notification is immediately made by the assistant principal to the student and Time for Time staff. Time for Time may be appealed by the parent to the principal in cases of the student being hospitalized, a documented chronic illness, or a death of an immediate family member.


            Tardies result in disciplinary action handled by the assistant principal. Every three (3) tardies in a class results in an additional absence.





1.                  The student must make-up time missed in excess of six (6) days in any class.

2.                  School-sponsored and/or related activities will not count as part of the student’s six (6) maximum absences for the term.

3.                  Out-of-school suspensions and/or expulsions are counted as part of a student’s maximum six (6) days.





1.                  After missing six (6) days in any class, the student will be assigned Time for Time. In the event that the student has missed up to ten (10) total days without making up time, parents will be notified by mail. The copy mailed will explain that the student has lost credit unless time is made up immediately.

2.                  The student must have work to complete during Time for Time sessions.

3.         Upon completion of the Time for Time session, the Time for Time staff will document the student’s time served.

4.         No student will be allowed to make up absences in advance.

5.         All excessive absences must be made up during the term in which they occur.

6.         Extensions will be granted only to students missing days during the final two (2) weeks of a term due to circumstances entirely beyond their control. The McKenzie Board of Education has granted McKenzie High School final jurisdiction on all attendance matters as it relates to Time for Time.

7.         Time for Time credit can only be given by Time for Time staff.

8.         Co-op students will not serve Time for Time during their co-op hours.

9.         On any given day, it can be anticipated that there will be students making up tests and making up Time for Time under the supervision of Time for Time Staff.

10.       A log will be maintained by the Time for Time staff for additional verification.

11.       Time for Time will meet on 4 Saturdays to be determined by the administration. The total sessions that a student may clear are 16.

12.       Time for Time may be appealed for students who have been hospitalized or suffer from a documented chronic illness.

13.      Students who owe Time for Time may be excluded from school trips that require them to miss classes in which they have missed more than six (6) times.




Unexcused absences are those absences which a student fails to provide a satisfactory excuse for the absence. The administration of the school has the final decision on whether an absence is considered excused or unexcused. The total number of unexcused absences is cumulative for the school year. The following procedures will be followed in dealing with students who have unexcused absences.


1.     On the fifth (5th) unexcused absence of a school year the parent/guardian will be notified by mail or phone. The student and parent/guardian of the student will be required to meet with Principal or Assistant Principal to discuss the absences and develop a plan to avoid further unexcused absences.

2.     On the sixth (6th) unexcused absence of a school year or a violation of the plan agreed upon in step 1, the parent/guardian will be notified by mail or phone. The student and parent/guardian of the student will be required to meet with Principal or Assistant Principal to discuss the absences or violation and develop a plan to avoid further unexcused absences or violations and discuss discipline if necessary.

3.     Any unexcused absence exceeding five (5) unexcused absences will result in referral to the Juvenile Court for truancy.




Promptness is a personal asset that should be learned at an early age. A student is considered tardy if he/she enters the assigned area after the tardy bell rings. The teacher will record the tardy in his/her class log. Three (3) tardies in a class will count as one absence and must be made up in Time for Time. Teachers will submit this information to the Assistant Principal's Office. Students tardy to First Block must check in to the office before going to class. Students checking out of school after 2:30 will receive a tardy in their 4th block class. This will not be a disciplinary issue. However, students will receive an absence in 4th block class for every 3rd tardy.



                                   Per Class                                       Per Semester        

                                    3 tardies                      =                1 absence, 1 morning detention

                                    4 tardies                      =                1 morning and 1 afternoon detention

                                    5 tardies                      =                2 afternoon detentions

                                    6 tardies                      =                2 absences, 1 day In-School Suspension

                                   7 tardies                      =                3 days In-School suspension                     8 tardies                                    =                                  5 days In-School suspension

                                    9 tardies                      =                5 days Alternative School




1.                  The school will not provide change for use of the drink/snack machines.

2.                  The school will not be responsible for lost money.

3.                  Each student is responsible to clean up after themselves. This includes any spills, wrappers, cans, bottles and paper.

4.                  All food and drinks must be finished before class starts.

5.                  All snacks and drinks must be purchased before entering lunchroom.

6.                  No drinks or food are to be taken into bathrooms.


** Breaking these rules will result in loss of machine use and/or loss of break time for everyone.**

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