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MHS CoVid 19 Plan
Posted On:
Thursday, July 30, 2020
Please read!! These plans are subject to change due to changes in statistics associated with the virus.

These plans are subject to change due to changes in statistics associated with the virus.

MHS Covid Guidelines(Face to Face)

·        We are hopeful that mandatory mask wearing is temporary.

·        Schools will be providing masks to students who do not have their own.

·        We understand that during lunch students will remove their masks while they are eating.

·        During P.E./Wellness they can only remove their mask if they are running. But must still remain social distanced.

·        A student can get a Dr.’s note to not wear a mask.

·        Teachers can remove their mask when teaching at the front of the class away from children.

·        We must still stress hand washing.


Low Level Guidelines (Face to Face)-McKenzie High School

Learning Environment

Students will attend traditional classes face to face following the normal daily schedule. Student do have a HOMESCHOOL OPTION but they must remain in it the entire semester. EDUCERE will do the Homeschool and Homebound.

Visitors and Guest

No visitors will be allowed unless a meeting has been set up. Masks will be required of visitors. Any salesmen or delivery person MUST wear a mask.

Bus Transportation

Bus Transportation guidelines will be given by Carroll County Board of Education.

Daily Staff and Student Arrival

Students and staff will arrive on campus each morning and have their temperature taken. Masks must be worn by all.   MHS will have teachers taking temperature in the back lobby (2), in the student parking lot hallway (1) and in the teacher parking lot hallway (1). One teacher will be in the gym monitoring all students who have been checked.

Breakfast will start at 7:15 and run until 7:50. Tables will be set up with the appropriate amount of chairs and no chair should be moved.


Anyone who has a temperature of 100.4 or greater (after a temperature re-check) will be quarantined until they have transportation to be checked out.   Students with a temperature of 100-100.3 will still be taken to the office for further testing. The students will be placed in an isolation room, (In-school room or conference room) and parents will be contacted until transportation arrives.


Student arriving between 7:45-8:00 will have their temperature checked by Coach Comer in the back lobby.

Student Check In/Check Out

Student check in and out will be through the office.

Sick Student Procedure

If a student has fever or has symptoms consistent of COVID-19, the school nurse will contact the student’s parents/guardians. The student will be quarantined until transportation arrives.

Breakfast/Break/Lunch Plan

Students will go to Breakfast at 7:15 and return back to the gym when completed.   Breakfast will end at 7:50


Break will begin at 9:25 and run until 9:35. We will have a monitor in the cafeteria making sure no chairs are moved and food/drink is put away.


Lunch -Students will come in to the cafeteria after the bell rings and sit at a table. The lunch room duty teachers will release the students by tables to line up in the cafeteria. Obviously masks can’t be worn by students while they are eating but they should put them back on when they finish their meal.

The students will get their own utensil from a dispenser, then they will make an entree decision and the lunch lady will complete their tray. The cashier will then ask for the lunch number.

Cleaning Procedures

School facilities will be cleaned daily by our custodians. Teacher will clean desks between classes as well as Chromebooks. Students may help

Extra-Curricular Activities

These activities will operate based on guidance from health officials and/or the TSSAA.

Hallway Procedures

No change to hallway procedures.   We have water bottle filling stations.

Additional Precautionary Measures

Hand Sanitizer will be available to students. Teachers will be allowed to take their students to wash their hands. Room doors will be propped open between classes so the handle will not be used. Students will be allowed to use face masks if they choose. Hall passes must be disposable. Teachers will be given face shields to use at their discretion. Every class will have seating charts to be able to trace exposure.




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